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Some people imagine that the whole world is made for their enjoyment and that that everything and everybody in this universe should sub serve their individual ends and that whole world should bend to their plans. Even jealousy of these people will not keep them in peace, but encourages destroying the progress and good keeping of good and innocent people who are forward and gone ahead of them in every field. Our elders say that 6 enemies Kama {Lust}, Kroda {Anger}, Lobha {Greed}, Moha {Attachment}, Mada {Arrogance} and Mathsarya {Jealousy} in our mind ruin our whole career and advise us to beware of these enemies. If we try to ruin others, we ourselves will be ruined.

To illustrate this we have in Mahabharatha an incidence. Once sage Durvasa who is very well know for being short tempered came to Hastinapura. Prince Duryodhana welcomed the sage with great merriment and served him and his 10000 disciples with care and hospitality as long as they stayed at the palace. While leaving Hastinapura, the sage Durvasa who was very much satisfied with the hospitality of Prince Duryodhana asked him to wish for a boon that would be granted. Suddenly Prince Duryodhana requested Sage Durvasa to visit his cousins, the Pandavas in the forest and ask them to provide meal to all of them after Draupathi had her meal.
The Pandavas were living in the forest to complete their 12 years and 1 year in incognito as per the conditions after loosing the game of dice with Kauravas. At their stay in the forest Lord Surya {Sun God} had given a vessel called Akshaya Patra to Pandavas. The uniqueness of the vessel was that it would supply any quantity of food for all the inmates in the hermitage and other guests who visited the Pandavas till Draupathi had her meal and cleaned the vessel. Thereafter the vessel would cease supply of food for the day. Knowing this fact Prince Duryodhana thought that if Sage Durvasa approached the Pandavas after Draupathi has had her meal and if the vessel doesn’t supply food for the sage and his 10000 disciples, Pandavas would be in helpless situation and incur the rage of the sage. Thereby may get cursed for not providing hospitality for them.

As promised Sage Durvasa along with his 10000 disciples visited the Pandavas after Droupathi had finished her meal and cleaned the vessel. Yudhistira the eldest of the Pandavas welcomed the Sage Durvasa and his disciples. Sage asked Yudhistira to feed them after they had bath in the nearby river. Yudhistira informed this to Draupathi and asked her to arrange for the meal. Alas! Draupathi had finished her meal and cleaned the vessel, so the vessel could not supply the food for the Sage and his disciples. She was depressed and as usual she had to take refuge of the only protector Lord Shri Krishna. She appealed to Him to help her in this situation. Immediately Lord Shri Krishna appeared before her and asked her to provide Him something, as He was very hungry. Draupathi prayed to Shri Krishna not to make fun of her at the time of crisis as she had left with nothing to feed the Sage Durvasa and his disciples. Shri Krishna asked Draupathi to bring the Akshaya Patra to Him and show it. Shri Krishna picked up a tiny grain of rice sticking to the rim of the vessel and put it into his mouth with full satisfaction i.e. the soul of the universe. This was not the only time Lord Shri Krishna had helped the needy.

Meanwhile the Sage Durvasa and his disciples who were taking bath felt completely overeaten and were unable to walk. Shri Krishna asked Bheema to inform the Sage Durvasa and his disciples that the meal was ready. Bheema went to the river to inform the Sage and his disciples, Sage Durvasa by then knowing what had happen through his inner vision told Bheema that they were completely satisfied by the grace of Lord Shri Krishna and no more food was required. Sage Durvasa blessed the Pandavas and left the forest.

Here Prince Duryodhana was expecting that Pandavas would fail in providing hospitality to Sage Durvasa and would be cursed. When Sage Durvasa had asked him for a boon he could have asked any boon for his welfare instead he thought of ruining the Pandavas. Thus let us asks God not to destroy our enemies but to give us strength to overcome the hurdles created by our enemies. Even in competition if we need supremacy let us wish for 1% more of what our opponent has rather than the complete destruction of our competitor. Another best saying is “HELP EVER HURT NEVER”

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