Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Devotion and Faith

An achievement of everything depends on the faithful devotion to God. Even minimal jobs done with devotion give everlasting results. Many incidents of these have been brought forth in Puranas and other circumstantial events.

The demon king Hiranyakasyapu mustered hatred for Vishnu to avenge the killing of his brother Hiranyaksha. Failing to curb his son Prahalada’s devotion to Vishnu he subjected him to terrible punishments. Once Hiranyakasyapu asked his son the favors of showing his God to him. When Prahalada told that He is omnipresent, Hiranyakasyapu challenged by showing the pillar and asked Prahalada if He is present in the pillar. Without hesitation and with lots of devotion Prahalada answers affirmatively, immediately Hiranyakasyapu hits the pillar with his mace. Vishnu in the form of Narashimha emerges out of the pillar and kills the demon king, this happened in Krutha Yuga.

Once at the time of Shri Rama’s Pattabhishekha Sitadevi gives a necklace of pearls to Hanuman in appreciation to the task of uniting her with Shri Rama. Hanuman starts breaking each pearl and thoroughly inspecting the same. Then the people of Ayodya ask Hanuman what he is searching for in the pearls. Hanuman tells them he is searching for Shri Rama and Sitadevi in the pearl. When the people told that Shri Rama and Sitadevi were in fact seated in front of him on the throne, Hanuman tells them Shri Rama and Sitadevi exist in all things and every ones heart and he was searching them in the pearls also. All those present there laughed and asked Hanuman to show if they were present in him. Hanuman immediately ripped open his chest with his sharp nails. Everyone was astonished to find Shri Rama and Sitadevi in the heart of Hanuman. This happened in Thretha Yuga.

Sathyabhama one of the eight wives of Lord Krishna was very possessive for her husband and always wanted him to be under her control. She approaches Sage Narada to seek his help, Sage Narada advises her to observe a Vratha in which after performing all the religious rites at the end she has to donate her Lord to a worthy person. Hearing this Sathybhama’s was saddened. “It is simple” Narada said, “you can retrieve Sri Krishna by giving gold equal to His weight”. Then it was decided that the vratha would be observed and the beneficiary would be Sage Narada. After all the formalities, Sri Krishna was made to sit on the pan of one side of the balance and Sathyabhama started to put gold on the other pan. All the gold that Sathyabhama had put in the pan could not level the balance. As Sathyabhama failed to equalize the weight of Sri Krishna, Narada asked Sri Krishna to follow him to his Ashrama. Narada also searched for a buyer of Sri Krishna. Meanwhile, Jambhavanthe, Kalindi, Sriveeravinda, Bhadra, Lakshana, the other wives of Sri Krishna met Sathyabhama and reprimanded her by questioning her authority and audacity in donating Sri Krishna to Narada. Humble Sathyabhama went to meet Narada for any solution to get back Sri Krishna. Narada suggested a person with devotion has to put anything on the pan to equate the weight of Sri Krishna and asked them to try. But none succeeded. Finally, Narada asked Sathyabhama to bring Rukmini. When Rukmini placed one leaf of thulasi on the pan, the pan with Sri Krishna raised to the level. Sri Krishna was released from the hold. This was happened in Dwapara Yuga.

Following are some events that occurred in present Kaliyuga. Sanandana, one of the disciples of Adi Shankaracharya was once on the other side of river Alakananda. Shankaracharya who was with other disciples called Sanandana by name. Hearing his name in the voice of his Guru, Sanandana wanted to reach his Guru and started moving towards the river without the knowledge of the existence of the river. When he proceeded towards the river, the river Alakananda appreciating his devotion towards his Guru placed lotus for his every step and helped him reach his Guru. Shankaracharya, who witnessed all this praised Sanandana and named him Padmapada.

Vadiraja, the then peetadhi pathi of Sode mutt, one of the eight mutts’ of Udupi met Arasappa Naik of Swadhi. Arasappa Naik who latter became a devotee of Vadiraja requested him to install a deity in Swadhi grama, as there was no temple. Hence Vadiraja asked Arasappa Naik to build a temple so that he could install a deity. Arasappa Naik arranged for the construction of a temple. As construction progressed, chains were used to lift granite slabs. While lifting one granite slab slipped midway and was about to fall on the persons below. Suddenly a sculptor who knew the power of Vadiraja shouted, “Ye slab stay there only I speak in the name of Vadiraja Guru”. The slab remained suspended there itself.

It is said that human wish to which is precious but short and impermanent has been earned from the merits in millions of past lilves and as such the object of life is to realize god by surrounding every thing to him. It is also said that the eternal peace comes through devotion to god but not through any other means.

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